How to Make the Most of this Educational Website

The website consists of a number of formal lectures given by Professor Peter Gates. It is recommended that you start with looking at these 5 lectures. Each of these lectures should be viewed at least once. Returning to the lecture one of two weeks later, particularly after viewing some of the associated videos would be worthwhile.

Accompanying the first five lectures in the series are a number of videos in which Professor Gates examines patients and then challenges you to try and work out the problem. He subsequently provides the answer. These do not need to be done in any particular order.

There are other stand alone video lectures on common neurological problems.  These can also be viewed in any order and at any time.

Finally there is a section where Professor Gates provides clinical cases from his outpatient neurology clinic. Each of these cases are presented in quiz format with multiple choice answers and detailed explanations. These can be done at any time and do not necessarily relate to any of the formal lectures. Professor Gates will continue to add cases on a regular basis.