Book Reviews

“I hesitantly suggest we may be seeing the birth of a new classic educational and training neurology textbook. I recommend it highly.”
Neil Scolding – Burdon Professor of Clinical Neurosciences, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol UK.

“Clinical Neurology: A Primer by Peter Gates is a unique educational text which has been specifically written for students of neurology and non-neurologists… a text of enormous utility to medical students, postgraduate students and importantly teachers of those students. Non-neurology clinicians would also find this text illuminating.”
“It makes neurology highly accessible and allows any reader to integrate clinically relevant neuroanatomy with clinical neurological presentations in order to make diagnoses confidently”
Michelle Leach, Rheumatologist,Internal Medicine Journal © 2010

“Associate Professor Peter Gates, Neurologist at Geelong Hospital and the University of Melbourne, Victoria, has come up with a gem… The book is aimed at medical students, young doctors and general practitioners; however, clinicians and neurologists should also find it useful.”
Tissa Wijeratne, Neurologist, Medical Journal of Australia, 21 February 2011

“The strength of this book is the perspective of experience brought to each topic, driven by clinical problem solving. Instead of bland lists that can be got from anywhere, the approach is to prioritize differential diagnosis, and encourage lateral thinking about the primary complaint.”
Professor Richard Gerraty, Neurologist, Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, 2011

“The next chapter (chapter 6) is really quite unusual entitled “after the history and examination what next?” This is not a prosaic list of investigations and when to use them but rather a thoughtful, much broader and to my mind potentially very helpful discussion of strategies and options, depending on the degree of “illness” of the patient.”
“Perhaps i should get out more but i have not seen such an account before, and I strongly suspect it would have made a great difference to my own early years in neurology, and could so for current and future generations.” I recommend it highly.
Neil Scolding – Burdon Professor of Clinical Neurosciences, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol UK, 2010

A cure for “neurophobia”
Tissa Wijeratne Med J Aust 2011; 194: 193


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Unbelievable resource! Thank you! The concepts of latitude and longitude are ingenious and you explain them at the appropriate pace using language which makes it really easy to break down and conceptualise. That alone was incredibly helpful, but the rest of the videos are also fantastic. I have not had better Neurology teaching in my MBBS or my undergrad (B. Clin. Sc.)
Amy Davies Medical Student and inaugural subscriber