Sample Teaching Videos

There are 2 sample videos, one is the rule of 4 of the Brainstem and the other is a demonstration of how to examine patients with sensory loss. These videos are free and will enable subscribers to see the format that the website takes.

A subscription gains access to 5 formal Lectures by Professor Peter Gates.

  1. The neurological history and using his concept of Meridians of Longitude and parallels of latitude to localise the problem
  2. Understanding the Brainstem and his rule of 4 of the Brainstem
  3. Understanding the cerebral hemispheres using his mnemonic of Speech, RAAF and “lost in space”
  4. Examining the upper limbs and his 5*3*5 rule
  5. Examining the lower limbs and his 2*2*4 rule

Each Lecture is complemented by videos of patients. There are more than 60 videos. Some are a demonstration of a clinical sign, most will show you the findings and ask you to answer questions. There is 1 video of Lord Walton taking a history that reinforces the 2 principles in the lecture on history taking.

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Unbelievable resource! Thank you! The concepts of latitude and longitude are ingenious and you explain them at the appropriate pace using language which makes it really easy to break down and conceptualise. That alone was incredibly helpful, but the rest of the videos are also fantastic. I have not had better Neurology teaching in my MBBS or my undergrad (B. Clin. Sc.)

Amy Davies Medical Student and inaugural subscriber

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